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Market Intelligence

Know your markets

ACG’s research team carries out original, in-country research on the technologies and players shaping APAC cleantech markets.

We will start to offer our multi-client and bespoke market intelligence services from August 2011. In the meantime if you have a particular market intelligence need, please contact us.

Market Update

ACG conducts original, APAC-specific research on topics which we think will be of greatest interest to our Network members. Published periodically on our website and available to download on a pay-per-view basis, Market Update analysis provides low-cost, concise, up-to-date overviews of developments, players, trends, and opportunities in the APAC cleantech sector.

Player Identification

Commissioned, exclusive research on current APAC market players in a specific sector decided by the client. Research focuses on the client’s potential suppliers, customers, partners and competitors. Player Identification is intended for cleantech companies investigating potential partners or competitors, or consultancies wanting to better understand the current makeup of the APAC market.

Technology Identification

Commissioned, exclusive research on technologies produced by APAC players. This product is designed to meet the specific needs of companies researching the market before sourcing technologies, be they system adopters or developers.