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Continuous Insurance Enforcement

C.I.E. – as a Motor Trade business owner, those three letters should be very important, and rather scary. With recent regulations in Britain changing to mean that a vehicle must be insured as long as it is on the road, it is harder for people to get away with driving without insurance. However it means that as soon as your insurance runs out, and you don’t plan on renewing, said vehicle must be declared as S.O.R.N. (Statutory Off Road Notice).

When a vehicle is spotted by an ANPR Camera, data is pulled from the MID (Motor Insurance Database) to see whether the vehicle is insured or not. If it isn’t, the owner will received an Advisory Letter, which notifies them that it’s uninsured. There will be a warning that action will be taken unless they either declare it as SORN, or insure it. However, the system can be wrong sometimes. Maybe it’s a case of information not updating, or a miscalculation by the ANPR, but as with most technology and online systems, they run into problems now and again.

If you are found to be using the vehicle without insurance after the Advisory Letter, then there will be a fixed penalty of £100, clamping and seizing of the vehicle, and a court prosecution with maximum fines of around £1,000, but if there is a mistake, all you can do is get in touch with your insurer, make sure all is okay, and get them to pass your details on to the Motor Insurance Database. They will update their list to include your vehicle as insured. You can also check for free on their website, yourself. However, you can’t appeal against any fines or court prosecutions involved – the best time to check is as soon as you receive the Advisory Letter – that way you can kill the problem before it develops.

Just be careful as a motor trader with multiple vehicles – each one could have the insurance run out at any time, or even be mistakenly clocked as not being insured at all. An interesting tactic found online was to spread your vehicles purchases out over the year, then also spreading out the insurance to reduce lump costs, while maintaining a list of what was insured when, almost like a stock list, to keep everything organised and correct. Ensure that you have your car insured, or if you drive a van, you have a comprehensive van insurance policy in force.

For the sake of your business, employees and income, just make sure that everything is up to date and legitimately insured, and nothing can go wrong.

Marketing for real estate agents – the traditional and modern methods

Marketing strategies are what which causes the difference in success among companies and businessmen. Marketing for real estate agents is also quite essential since when there are properties that are sitting without being sold for many months the correct form of marketing should be utilized to bring them in the limelight. An unsold property prevents a real estate agency and agent from making any money.

Marketing strategies are old and new. When it comes to the real estate investment then the old methods of marketing for real estate agents fails the alternate methods are to be used. Let us go through a list of marketing methods old and new.

List of traditional and new marketing strategies for real estate

The traditional real estate marketing strategies mostly consist of:

  • Newspaper ads.
  • Bulk direct mails to potential buyers.
  • Yard signs of property on sale.

When these methods fail the real estate agents have developed many newer methods. For topping the list of which is internet marketing. On the internet the scope of property listing and the number of buyers reached increases many fold. The key to get your property sold is to think out of the box. The properties should be presented to the potential buyers as if those are the best buys he can come across. Careful to which one works, or else you might as well read some Daniel Wellington watch review.

Tips for getting a real estate property sold in modern day

  • The property should be included in as many listings as possible both in town and out of town of its location. This increases the scope of it being sold.
  • The internet should be effectively utilized to sell a property so that the online lists display your listed property with priority.
  • The offers and discounts that your agency is ready to make for a property should be clearly stated in the description of the property.

Advantages of online listing of real estate properties

  • The property is exposed to a huge number of buyers. The purchaser pool grows wide and the benefit of a lot of buyer aiming for the same property is that the worth of the property goes up.
  • The online listings are at hand for anyone who has access to the internet and a computer or a laptop and these days even on smart phones. Thus reaching the buyers through these online portals is easy and effective.

Marketing for real estate agents has become easy over the years because of the society becoming more and more digitalized and connected by the internet.

5 Ways Bluetooth Beacons Can Assist Your Marketing Business

Sales and marketing is a complex industry and needs you to have full understanding of the behavior and activities of customers. This is a customer-oriented sector and pivots around knowledge of the choices, preferences, spending power, culture and demographic of customers apart from other factors. With digitization, the sector has been experiencing newer challenges and marketers are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate technology for ensuring profitability. Bluetooth beacons are a newer medium for promotions, and can be used in at least 3 ways for marketing purposes.

Tracking customer behavior

Beacons can offer amazing insights into the habits and behaviors of customers. How long they spend time in a store, the kind of products they are most interested in, the price range of the items that they generally buy, the buyer segment and demographic interested in those items are some of the essential details which can provide a great deal of information about customer preferences and spending power. These details can be essential for devising suitable marketing campaigns.

Finding product clusters

You can also use these devices to understand the cluster of products liked by consumers, and their shopping pattern and frequency. These details can be useful in devising strategies and adding them to your business planning. You can keep them updated about your offers and latest products and services to be rolled out soon.

Sending marketing messages

Beacons have Bluetooth chips integrated in them and draw power from a lithium battery. The range of support is wide. The device can be used for sending marketing messages and using it as a signal for customers. These days, beacon advertising is a powerful and unique way of promotion. Beacons are low powered but cost effective instruments which act both as a receiver and as a transmitter.

Creating mobile interactions

Bluetooth beacons also help in creating new mobile interactions, ranging from on the spot analytics to digitized payments to proximity marketing. Naturally, these are being used in diverse sectors such as retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare and education and even apps are being created with beacons.

Displaying set number of promotional offers

Promotional offers valid for a certain amount of period can easily be displayed with the help of BT beacons. Simply attaching the transceivers to a dry and hard surface and configuring them can be enough to display information. There is no expense related to hardware maintenance, which is a win-win situation for marketers.

Investing In Real Estate Is Not Always Simple

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Most real estate investors feel that the only things to keep in mind during making a deal is the property that you are buying and the timing of buying and selling it. This is not enough to know if you are looking for real success in the west vancouver real estate business.

Keeping what to buy and when to buy factors in mind are just half of the list of elements you should consider while making an investment. There are several other points that can make or break your deal.

Factors Beyond Your Control

There are so many things that you cannot predict or control for that matter. You may buy the best priced property in a locality that is considered the best in the region. You only know the present value of this property and can hope based on previous records that it will grow in years. There is no sure way of telling, however, how the value of the property is going to appreciate in coming years.

There could be several policies relating to real estate that could change. There could be a development in another region that could attract more buyers. There is no way one can predict how the property will evaluate few years down the line.

Your Personal Capacity

The points mentioned above are mostly the extrinsic factors but those are not the only matters that cannot be predicted. Your personal capacity and how well you will be able to handle all aspects of a deal are also not predictable.
A lot will be decided depending on how big a risk taker are you? How you manage your finances. How disciplined are you in terms of making goals and then meeting them. Real estate investments require you to take tough calls under pressure. Everyone cannot handle it well. So at some point it boils down to how you are going to fare at in a situation. A fine example would be how two different sellers sold two similar homes, in the same locality, with the same amenities manage to extract different amounts of money. One of them usually makes a lot more money than the other.

It is not always about where your property is situated and what phase the market is at. In reality it is how well you can market and advertise your product that decides the fate of your success and the profits that are going to flow.