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Marketing for Construction Companies – Making Optimal Use of Business Flyers

When used in a proper way, flyers can be one of the best ways to attract new clients. These make a terrific impact on the minds of customers and are affordable to produce as well as distribute. However, using flyers for marketing your construction company can be tricky. Generally, people like to spend only 3 – 5 seconds taking a look at flyers. Naturally, you have to optimize the content, print and design of your flyers in order to make an impact and create a terrific impression on prospective customers.

Focus on an interesting headline

First of all, choose a headline which is concise and simple – designed to interest and inspire the audience. It should promise to be problem-solving for clients and show how you can benefit them. Giving a glimpse into your main services in 4 – 5 bullet points can be enough.

Make a great offer

With the promise of an amazing incentive, you can make customers sit up and take action. The incentives do not need to be monetary, and they can also include things like free gifts, discounts, free trials or coupon codes.

Give a Call to Action

You should clearly state users to take an action in the form of registering to avail a limited discount offer, calling fast in order to be among the first 100 callers to receive attractive rebates etc.

Use attractive designs

You should also use strong visuals so that customers can get a bold image about your enterprise. It should be relevant to your flyer’s headline and reflect the way users should perceive your services and company. Use a high-quality, striking image to create an aura of professionalism.

Use fonts that are easily readable

Use of simple fonts will make it easier for users to read your message. You need to use fonts of proper type and size, in order to ensure a proper hierarchy. Keep in mind that you have just 4 or 5 seconds to make an impression and convey your message to your prospective customers. Naturally, easily readable fonts are important.

Choose high quality printing

The quality of printing of your flyers should also be superior, in order to make them look as high quality as possible. There should be your business logo in a prominent location in the flyers, so that people do not miss seeing it. You can use glossy varnish to specific sections of the flyers and make them more attractive for people to look at.

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