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Archive for Month: February 2015

Social Marketing for Real Estate Agents – How to Use Social Networking Websites for Your Business?

The growth in the number of social networking websites means a major part of the population is online, and real estate agents are falling over each other to tap this market. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google Plus and Instagram are some of the popular ones out there which are being used for real estate promotion. However, before you jump onto the social marketing bandwagon, these are some important tips to keep in mind to ensure optimal success of your social campaigns. A Vancouver SEO company says, ‘besides SEO, social media is extremely crucial for real estate agents’.

Choose relevant social media sites

This simply means you need to shun those that are too flippant in style and tone. Facebook and Twitter are two major social sites which are frequented by millions of users. There is no restriction on what kind of things can be promoted. The look, feel and tone of these sites ensures that everyone from clothing sellers to software app manufacturers and property agents are using them for promotional purposes. Tumblr and Pinterest are mainly about picture posts, and you can use them to publish images of properties available for sale or purchase.

Be a regular contributor

You can hardly hope to grab eyeballs with infrequent posts. Plan a schedule and stick to it regularly. Even if you cannot post everyday, there is no reason to worry about. Posting every alternate day or on 4 days of the week can be good enough. With regular tweets and posts, you can get a sizable number of followers waiting for your next posts.

Post Property Videos

Property videos are important for first-time viewers. These save a lot of time and money on the part of buyers, real estate agents and property developers due to wasted property showings. You can embed these videos onto Facebook and video-blogging platforms like YouTube, and link them back to your own real estate agent website. You may also email the URL links to existing and potential clients to view at some other time.

Interact as much as possible

Whenever you get a positive post, reply to it and build a rapport with your users. The greater the level of interaction, the more you will be able to strike relationships with social media users and get many of them interested in what you have on offer for sale or purchase. Users can find out which properties you represent and contact you immediately if you happen to be interested. Do not forget to share your contact details for public viewing.